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About Our Firm


Founded in March, 2015 by Karan Murugesu, Ameriwealth Financial Group, LLC provides expertise in some of the most critical areas of financial planning1, risk management and wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution. As sole owner and President, Karan leads a team of financial professionals who each bring a unique skill set to the firm. Working as a cohesive team to bring you holistic financial solutions and exceptional client service, we offer a wide array of expertise. Ameriwelath Financial Group can assist you in coordinating the many aspects of your financial life and then develop a comprehensive plan1 to help meet your goals and objectives. Leveraging both internal and external resources, we are uniquely prepared to assist you with: insurance design, investment management, estate planning concerns, business succession, executive compensation, and retirement planning needs.

Dedicated to ensuring that every client understands their situation and has an actionable plan, Karan and his team maintain continual communication with clients. Periodic reviews are part of every client plan1, allowing for timely strategic or tactical changes to be implemented when necessary.

Whether you are an individual concerned about securing a comfortable retirement, a business owner wondering how to effectively monetize succession of your business or a family member facing estate conservation or asset transfer issues, Ameriwealth can assist you. We encourage you to contact us for more information about how we can help you articulate your specific needs, evaluate your situation and execute a customized plan1 to ensure financial success and provide you peace of mind.